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Project Description

Oklahoma Upright
MRI centers

The owner and board certified radiologist of two imaging centers in Oklahoma shares his experience working with VoXcell


Dr Kamlesh Naik is a board certified radiologists and owner of two imaging centers. He found out about VoXcell through a Google search in early December 2011.  He was attracted by the single RIS/PACS 3D solution from one vendor.  He especially liked the fact that it is all cloud-based.

Need for Cloud

Dr. Naik operates an MRI/CT center in Edmond, OK, a suburb of Oklahoma City.  He has been in business for 11 years and is using a RIS/PACS system from a reputable firm, installed 6 years ago. He had begun planning to open another imaging center featuring the new Fonar Upright MRI.  This would be a state-of-the-art facility and the only upright MRI in Oklahoma, Kansas or Arkansas at the time.  Fonar has over 200 installations of their Upright system world. He has been researching a new RIS/PACS system for 6 months for his new and existing facility. He and had meetings with several vendors during this process and the entire process has been an exhaustive search.  He found that the VoXcell cloud system stands apart from other systems by its ease of use and the vast array of features and general compatibility.

Technical Analysis

VoXcell’s team sent Dr. Naik an e-mail invitation, so he can gain access to the cloud system using a standard web browser. He was able to experience the system live and had his staff access it as well. While the new center is being built physically from the ground up, he moved forward with a trial phase at his existing center. There, the VoXcell team worked with the staff to customize the workflow needed to maintain two of the sites seamlessly. Particularly, access to patient scheduling, checking in a patient, and sending report and images to the referring physician were critical functions required for his team to operate the two imaging centers with no-downtime. With his and his team’s use and feedback, VoXcell cloud was refined to meet the needs of stand-alone imaging centers. The entire experience from installation to training staff to soliciting feedback and implementation were purely done remotely.

VoXcell® :
The Solution

VoXcell Cloud system capabilities included a full RIS/PACS, 3D, Reporting and Archive functionality at an affordable fee structure. This is an attractive proposition Dr Dr Naik especially since there is no capital outlay in adopting the system. Furthermore,  the ease of use, functionality and data migration assistance from the VoXcell team helped Dr Naik transition from his existing system to this new system seamlessly.

Patient in Fonar Upright MRI


VoXcell Cloud offers Dr Naik’s imaging centers with highest in the security and privacy afforded by the SAS 70 Type II
and HIPAA audited facility and processes. Utilizing VoXcell’s Cloud infrastructure eliminates onsite hardware equipments as well as contributing to total redundancy solutions, unlimited storage, and archiving capabilities. Additionally, VoXcell is cleared as a diagnostic device via FDA 510K number K081215 and is accessible on-demand anytime, anywhere there’s web access.Dr Naik had decided to use VoXcell’s cloud platform, beginning October of 2012.